Association Policy

Association Policy

Living in a planned community development offers many advantages but may also impose some restrictions and responsibilities on all owners. Maintaining an attractive appearance of our units, harmonious relations with your neighbors and providing a safe and healthy environment are also a very important part of our community.  The following policies represent the guidelines for resident activity and property use.  They have their basis in the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (C.C. & R’s) and decisions/resolutions of the Homeowner Association Board of Directors.

Please familiarize yourself with them and how they may impact your use of the common area facilities and what association approvals are required prior to making changes to your unit or surrounding common or restricted common areas.

The following documents can be found under the “HOA Docs & General Forms” tab – 

  1. Articles of Incorporation 
  2. By – Laws
  3. CC&R’s
  4. Rules of Conduct
    • General Policy
      Guidelines for general usage – 
      • Guidelines for common area usage
      • Animals & Pets
      • Skateboarding
      • Bicycling
      • Pool area
      • Garage sales
      • Outdoor furniture
      • Hose storage
      • Common areas
    • Guidelines for carport usage
    • Satellite Dish Antennas and Cable Wiring Policy
    • Guidelines for other restricted common area
    • Refuse area
    • Laundry room
    • Patio fence and balcony railings
    • Carport storage
    • P.G.& E.
    • Lighting
    • Property care and maintenance
    • Alteration of the common area
    • Complaint procedure
    • Complaint notification & enforcement policy
    • Processing schedule
    • Fine Policy
  5. Modifications to common areas
    To preserve the quality and continuity and appearance of Capitola Knolls, the Association requires that owners receive approval prior to making any modifications to their units and surrounding common areas. Please print a copy of the appropriate request form and submit to the Management Company for Association approval before doing any work.  You  can  find  the  appropriate  documents  under  the  Architectural  section  of  the  web page.
  6. Pool and Spa
  7. Property Information
    The Association maintains a file of current owners’ and residents’ addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses that can be used in an emergency or when the need a raises to contact you or your tenants. Please complete this form anytime there is a change in the information.


King Management
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PHONE: 831-475-9100

King Management: 831-475-9100