General Information

General Information

Capitola Knolls is a planned unit development consisting of 164 condominium units situated on more than thirteen beautifully landscaped acres, in the seaside city of Capitola, California. The park like setting includes a pool and spa and is walking distance of New Brighton State Beach and the Capitola Village.

The ABC’s of Neighborhood Watch

We who live in the City of Capitola and in Capitola Knolls in particular are blessed with beautiful weather, beautiful surrounding and, for the most part, wonderful neighbors plus a very low crime rate. But, on occasion we all find our idyllic lives interrupted by some illegal or inconsiderate action on the part of others. Those of us who live in the Knolls, owners and renter alike, have the responsibility to become concerned residents and help each other make our homes and our property more secure and in doing so make the Knolls a better and safer place for all of us live. When we see a fellow resident or their children doing something that is violation of Association rules we should, in a polite way, let them know and ask them to stop. If the activity could be considered a criminal act you should report it to the appropriate authority.

Any group of concerned citizens, such as residents of Capitola Knolls, should not consider themselves vigilantes but rather the extra eyes and ears of law enforcement.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Neighborhood Watch is an excuse to be nosey. It is a proven fact that Neighborhood Watch programs have resulted in dramatic reduction in residential crime.

If you are interested in organizing a formal Neighborhood Watch program in the Knolls please contact the Capitola Police at: 831-475-4242

What and how to report suspicious activity

This list is by no means complete, but gives you some ideas of when to call:

  • Someone entering a neighbor’s house when is unoccupied.
  • Someone who appears to be moving household items late at night.
  • Someone running through the Knolls with a pillowcase, bedspread or luggage stuffed with various items.
  • Slow-moving vehicle, especially without lights.
  • An unfamiliar car left running and parked on your street.
  • Noises such as alarms or windows being broken
  • Someone shouting ”HELP”, “FIRE” or “RAPE”
  • Someone in the Pool area when it is closed.
  • Someone vandalizing Capitola Knolls’ common areas or a resident’s personal property.

Call the Police

Do not investigate suspicious activity yourself. Let the police do it. They have the training and the skills. Your role is to act as their eye and ears, and then phone the Police Department with your information.

  • Remain calm.
  • Call 9-1-1
  • Identify yourself (name, address, and phone) and give location.
  • If there is a suspect or vehicle, be able to provide the police dispatcher with a detailed description and the direction the vehicle/person is traveling.
  • Be patient. Stay on the line until the police dispatcher’s questions have been answered.

Burglary Prevention

The facts about burglary:

  • Over 6,000 residential burglaries occur each day in this country. That’s one every 11 seconds!
  • Nearly half of these burglaries are committed without force – that is through unlocked doors and windows.
  • Many burglars will spend no longer than 60 seconds trying to break into a home. Good locks and good neighbors who watch out for each other can be your best protection.

Most of these burglaries could be prevented:

  • Always lock your doors and windows, even when leaving for “just a minute”
  • Never leave a house key available: under a doormat, in a flowerpot, on the ledges of the door. These are the first places a burglar will look.
  • If going on vacation call the Capitola Police or go to the City’s website and ask about “Operation Vacation”.

Stolen Vehicles

Here is excellent information on how to prevent automobiles and motorcycles and bicycles from being stolen.



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